Municipal symbols

erb Coat of arms of the municipality

The heraldry of Hôrka look as follows: In the Green Shield silver crossed lances with golden handles, accompanied on the sides by two silver stars with eight peaks and down with black crossed mining hammers – strike and uncoupled one with gold handles.


vlajka The flag

Flag of the municipality consists of six longitudinal bands: white, green, black, and yellow. The flag has an aspect ratio of 2: 3 and ends with the three points, i.e. two  slits extending to a third of its letter.




pecat The seal of the municipality

Seal of The Municipality of Hôrka is circular, without hatch, in the midst is the Mayor’s Heraldic – the symbol of the municipality and circular name  “ THE VILLAGE HORKA”, the diameter is 36mm. The symbols of Hôrka are registered in Heraldic register of Slovakia under the signature H-68/97.